This Week has been a Bit Fishy!


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First week back in Term 2 and we have all hit the ground running! The children have come along well rested and ready to learn and our units of work this term have begun in a fun way. We have two lovely new additions to our classroom – Snowy and Piper our two goldfish. Setting up the tank, filling it with water and beginning to discuss the needs of a pet has contributed to activities in Maths, English and Inquiry. Mackenzie even guessed a tank we borrowed from Mrs Doye held exactly 21 cups of water!

Mrs Chapman helped us to make a terrific display about the story, “The Unhappy Goldfish”. We decided that our goldfish were going to be happy! We have also been learning about, “Lips the Fish”. Just like Eagle Eye last term, this character will help to prompt us when reading to get our lips ready and make the sound at the start of an unknown word. It is amazing how often this actually makes the word pop out!

In Maths, as well as discussing concepts about Capacity, we have been practising our oral counting and finding numbers that come both before and after. We have had counting buddies, used the big snake outside on the concrete and our number charts to try to reach our counting targets. Ask the children what their target is? Can they practise over the weekend?

Congratulations to Flynn for being our Writer of the Week!

We had our first PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) practise and we cannot wait to have parents to help us from Week 3. Enjoy this little video about the session.

Term One round up and Happy Easter


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This week we tried an unusual way to practise letter formation – using shaving cream! You should try it at home but don’t use food colouring unless you are wearing gloves! You will have coloured hands for days! We consolidated our knowledge about numbers, and how they can appear in lots of different forms. Ask the children how many different ways they can show the number 4! A big congratulations to Cole for being the recipient of the Term 1 Acknowledgement Award. It is a very special award and Cole is a deserving winner.

We hope that everyone has a lovely Easter and holidays! Here is a short Happy Easter video – the smiling faces are just priceless.


Did the Milo make us crazy?


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We started off the week with a fun Milo milk drink to help us remember the letter Mm. Many thanks to Angela and Bec for helping us! We made a giant glass of Milo too and added our comments in the bubbles. Maybe my favourite one was from Levi who wanted 5 spoons of Milo!!! He even bought his own!


We have been working on more patterns this week in Maths and have found that we know alot! Come in and have a look at our Maths Thinking Book and you will see our ideas about patterns. We have made some simple and more complex patterns and Jacob used Tux paint to make one on the computer.

Crazy Colour Day today saw all of us dressed to impress! Thank you for the gold coin donations to The Royal Childrens Hospital Appeal.  The drawings of our clothes and costumes are creative and show how much you have learnt about drawing and using colours to create effect. Have a lovely weekend.



Meeting Scruffy, Letter Mm and sharing


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This week we have met our special class friend named Scruffy. We have seen how much mischief he got up to at Mrs Moncrieff’s house and have been having so many laughs at his “antics” after spending a night at home with some classmates. There is no need to do anything special with Scruffy, as we are using our imaginations to practise orally how we would write a narrative story. It is promoting some wonderful oral language and vocabulary.

Congratulations to the children who have read for 25 nights! Remember to put your own 25 nights sticker on the special page! Also you would have noticed a sticker in your journals about Eagle Eye – a character that helps the children to remember to do a Book Tour ALL the way through the book first – just looking at the pictures. Then Eagle Eye reminds us to look at the picture on each page before and sometimes during the reading process.

We have focused on the letter “Mm” this week and will continue into next week. We have one helper and would love one more for Wednesday 9.00 – 11.00. Our numeracy focus has continued on careful counting and the recognition  and formation of numbers. Today is the National Day of Action against Bullying, and we discussed that good friends and kind people who share are not bullies. We completed our Rainbow Fish to display as an example of how sharing can make everyone happy.



Fun in our first full week!


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We have sped through our first week of full time school with many children wondering what all the fuss was about! When I asked them what they felt was different some were not too sure that anything was! We have continued to consolidate our knowledge of the alphabet and the sounds that letters make. We found out the the letter sound shown by “Dd” appears at the beginning, middle and end of words and seems to always make the same sound. It is an easy one to learn then!!!! We have been singing the alphabet song with our partners and making the pictures from play dough along with their beginning letter.

We have begun our counting groups and many children are now part of the 20s, 50s or 100s club. This means that they are able to count to these targets and are aiming to reach the next one. Careful counting and numeral formation have also been a focus. We have started sharing our family stories and developing an understanding and acceptance of the diversity of family structures that are normal for many of us. I am very impressed by the way the children have embraced these discussions and each others’ circumstances.

We learnt some very valuable lessons about how to safely approach a dog and how to care for them. Given the recent media around dogs, it is a critical message to heed about how dangerous even the family dog can be to children.

Next week is our letter “Mm” activities and we will be making Milo milk. Please let me know if there are any allergy issues. We will also need two parent helpers next Wednesday morning for the activity so please add your name to the sheet on our noticeboard.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Prep (Foundation) Curriculum Information 2018 and hello to our class rep!


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Have you ever wondered what curriculum your child experiences now that they have begun their schooling at MMPS?  We have updated our Prep Curriculum Information and this can be accessed by clicking on the tab at the top, right of this Blog home page. Take the time to view the sorts of subject areas, classroom activities and extra-curricula activities offered at MMPS. Please feel free to ask questions if you need.

A huge thank you to Taron Ellison for offering to be our Class representative this year. She tells me she has had several offers of help so thanks to those who have already been of assistance and to the parents and children who were able to have an icypole at the Ecopark! Thank you Taron. 

Lots of fun and antics this week!


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So much about this week has been about ants! We have searched for them, made them, learnt about them, written about them and enjoyed them!

We have been learning to write our names the school way by using playdough, and we have begun our Writer of the Week celebration, with Ginko being our first winner! Well done!

We have learnt to “Read, Write and Draw” from our special little guided reading books and we will be doing this during morning reading soon! Our partner reading now includes practising the alphabet too. We even took home our Golden Words.

Well done to our Getting Along Award winners this week and a reminder that next week is a week 2 so have some Show and Tell ready!

What fun we had with our teddies!


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On Thursday we met our new buddies for this year! Year 4E were so lovely and helped us to make a collage of our teddies. Come and have a look at them on display in our gallery. We even ordered them from shortest to tallest!


Thank you to those who could come along to our little Teddy Bear’s Picnic! There were some tricky hiding places for our teddies and a yummy biscuit!

Today we did our first Word Study Investigation about the letter Tt. Did you know that you can find the letter “t” in all different places in a word and when it is followed by an “h” it makes a different sound altogether! Wow!  Words and letters are such fun. A reminder to please bring along a family photo to add to our board next week as we will be focusing on our families during literacy and numeracy activities.


Tiger Toast


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We all had a “terrific” time making “tiger toast” yesterday! No-one “turned” up their noses and there were lots of Vegemite faces afterwards! We made our tiny turtles and did our special rainbow writing too. A big thank you to Taron and Sam for helping us.


Two weeks at school and look what we have learnt!


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We have been building up our organisational skills this week by learning all about our specialists, including Art and Music. It has been great to be able to bring home our special silver books and share them with our families. Remember that your blue book bag, book and reading journal come to school every day. Parents can begin to fill in the journal by writing the name of the book and numbering each night in the right hand column. Let’s see who gets to 25 nights first! There should be lots of talking about the books at the moment as well as some pointing and reading!

We will be attending the Library for the first time on Monday so last chance to return your red Library bags to the basket outside our classroom.

The letter “Ss” and the sound it makes have been a focus this week and we made some super sunflowers.

Today we visited the school crossing and Mr O’Brien reminded us all about the correct way to use it, listening for the whistle, staying within the lines and walking not running. We did a word matching and reading activity and made our own roads complete with cars, and a stop sign.


We even popped in and ate lunch with our buddy class, Mrs Paterson and the 4E children. Next week we will meet our own special buddy from this class.

We have a big week next week, with our first Whole School Assembly on Tuesday, Tiger Toast on Wednesday and our Teddy Bear’s Picnic on Thursday! Wow we will be busy! Mrs Moncrieff needs a parent helper Wednesday morning, 9.00 till about 10.45 if anyone is free.

A reminder for parents to log on to Compass to book an appointment with Mrs Moncrieff on Tuesday afternoon for “Meet the Teacher. It will give you a good opportunity to touch base and discuss how the children have transitioned to school.

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