End of Term 2


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Congratulations to Maia for winning our Acknowledgement Award for this term. She has worked very hard and persisted and it has been lovely to watch her growing self confidence. Well done, Maia!

We were sad to say goodbye to Flynn and Arabella today. We wish them and their families loads of fun and good times at their new schools.

Have a terrific and safe holiday break with some sleep ins, PJ days and good books! Mrs Moncrieff will be reading, painting, gardening and drinking chai lattes! Happy days everyone and see you in July! xx

PS –  next term we will be needing small boxes, like tooth paste, biscuits, muesli bars, etc and the cylinders from cling wrap or foil. Could you keep them for us please?

More Fairy Tale Fun


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The Fairy Tale fun has continued this week with our dress up day today being the most fun of all! Yesterday we made crowns for Snow White after her envoy delivered a letter to us asking for each child to design a crown for her to wear once she became Queen! Congratulations to Flynn, Arabella and Fionn whose crowns were selected!


The costumes today were tremendous, and a big thank you to parents for assisting with the creation of these.

I’m not sure who that grumpy old lady was but I think the children will be glad to see their teacher back tomorrow!

Thank you to Taron for organizing the little play get together on Wednesday to say good bye to Flynn and Arabella. We had some yummy food and a lovely extra play with each other.

A reminder that school finishes tomorrow at 2.30! Roll on holidays!

Week 10 Fairy Tale fun!


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We have been reading lots of fairy Tales this week, and found that they all have lots of things in common! We have decided that they usually have a message for us or a moral, that they have lots of Kings and Queens and witches, that children in them are sometimes naughty and that they end “happily ever after”! We have had some great discussion and learnt some amazing new words! Fairy Tales have brilliant vocabulary! Today we spent all morning working in groups to create our own beanstalks and then making up little plays with characters for Jack and the Beanstalk. We are all looking forward to our Fairy Tale dress up day next Thursday 28th June.

Earlier in the week our buddies came to visit to show us the shape books they had made. They helped us to learn a new shape name.

We also made our own vases this week, and then ordered them according to their size – not just height but width as well!

Student Led Conference Reminder


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Just a quick reminder for parents who have not yet booked a Student Led Conference for next Tuesday, that this should be completed through your Compass portal. The children are excited about showing you what they have learnt. Our Curriculum Day next Tuesday is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and hear about your child’s Prep journey so far and set some goals for the rest of the year.

Very Vegie this week!


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This week we have been consolidating our phonics knowledge, completing puzzles and placing them into alphabetical order. It was lovely to see that everyone could work together as a team and demonstrate some terrific cooperative learning skills.

Well done to Ginko for continuing her Gold for Green Day pledge to clean up our environment!

We had a busy morning making vegetable soup, with a big thank you to Hayley, Nicole and Simone for helping us.


This was the first time that Mrs Moncrieff could remember emptying the pot and even sending soup home with some children for supper! Well done to everyone for the cutting, chopping, pasting, writing and computer work to create our delicious soup, posters and computer creations in Tux Paint.


Gold For Green Day


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Please enjoy this terrific video put together by Mrs Spiridis about the whole school activites on Gold For Green Day!


Gold For Green Day Whole School Highlights


Subtraction, Confidence and Grandparents!


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We began this week with Prep Assembly and wish to congratulate our Confidence and Jogging Club Award winners. We would love to see some more students at Jogging Club as it is a terrific way to start the day!

Well done to Arabella, Ginko, Keira, Fionn and Levi.

Subtraction has been our focus this week and so counting back has been something we have been practising. Counting back from 24 is tricky and we are all trying to get past that tricky 20 to 19 step! We have had loads of fun pretending we are on a bus and making up a host of calamities that make some of us need to hop off! We then told the subtraction story that this made. Ask the children to tell you about it! Then we had our own ten frame buses and worked with a partner to make up stories.

Keira has done some outstanding home reading and is the first in our class to reach 100 nights! Congratulations for being so well organised and motivated to read Keira. It is really showing in your results. The children still need to point as they read and do a very purposeful “picture check” to ensure they pick up the details in each picture. Often the expressions on faces and other details actually help them to predict the sentence and storyline. Each child now has a reminder strategy sticker in their journals, some to continue to do an “Eagle Eye” picture check, some to use “Lips the Fish” for getting their mouth ready at a new word and making the starting sound, and some to now “Stretchy Snake” by segmenting the word into its parts and blending back together to form a word. Remember that “sounding out” is not the first strategy that children learning to read will find effective.

The highlight has been our wonderful Grandparents and Special Friends Day today. Thank you to the families and friends who have given up some time today to share with the children in Prep E. It is Mrs Moncrieff’s favourite day and we think that you will see from the children’s faces it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. To see the artwork created, hear the giggles and fun whilst playing games and the stories about school in the “olden days” was priceless! Here is a video to enjoy – I hope some “grandies” from today have managed to get on the Blog train!!!!

Week 6 Highlights


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The weeks are flying by! This week had several highlights including Gold for Green Day and the Book Fair. We had fun visiting the Book Fair and working out how we could be extra nice to our parents so they would help us to buy a book!

Ginko decided that she would start thinking about sustainability early in the week and made up her own litter club to clean up our school!

When it was raining and we couldn’t go outside for running races to practise ordinal number, we learnt to play marbles instead – Mrs Moncrieff’s way! You could play it at home too!

The highlight of the week was definitely Gold for Green Day.! A huge thank you to Mrs Spiridis for organising it, to our parent helpers on the day and to everyone for joining in the sustainability challenge with nude food lunch boxes. We have begun to use our class compost bin and we all made a pledge to try to do one thing to help our earth. We wonder how big the plants we planted with our buddies will get? Enjoy this video of our day.


Tuesday is Gold For Green Day!


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Next Tuesday 22nd May is our annual Gold For Green Day! Over the coming week we will be looking at how we can all be more sustainable by recycling, saving water, composting and planting trees. We have a new compost bin for our classroom and we are asking that everyone try really hard to have less wrapper in our lunchboxes. We are planting trees with our buddies at 2.00 and would appreciate any parent helpers. Please bring some gloves and a shovel! The children are asked to wear green and bring a gold coin donation on the day! Looking forward to some GREEN FUN!

Happy Mother’s Day


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We would like to wish all of the special mothers, grandmothers and women in our lives the very best day on Sunday. We hope that you can celebrate with your family and reflect on the wonderful gift of motherhood.

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