Welcome back to Term 4


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Hi everyone,

I am so excited to be joining Prep E for Term 4. We had a wonderful day today getting to know each other and I look forward to sharing a busy and fun filled term with you all.

This term, our inquiry unit focuses on minibeasts, life cycles and the changes that occur in our backyards. To support our learning, we are going to be keeping silkworms. They have been nurtured over the holidays by Mrs Moncrieff and are now ready to be introduced to our classrooms. However, with Mrs Moncrieff on long service leave this term, we do not have access to her plentiful mulberry tree. We are therefore asking our school community to help us with the supply of mulberry leaves to ensure our silkworms’ survival and to enhance our learning of life cycles.

If you have a mulberry tree at home and are happy to bring in some fresh leaves once or twice a week, could you please let me know ASAP.

Show and Tell

I know everyone is excited about sharing news this week and I am planning to give everyone this opportunity.  So, if you usually have Show and Tell on a Monday, regardless of whether it occurs in week 1 or 2, you will have the opportunity to present on Monday. If your day is Tuesday, you will get the opportunity Tuesday etc.


And that’s a wrap for Term 3!


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Week 10 has flown by and today my phone decided to die with all the photos I wanted to add to our Blog tonight! Seems fitting that this has happened on the day that I most wanted to showcase the tremendous work the children have been doing! I will just have to write about it instead. I will add the photos when I can retrieve them. Yippee here they are!


Congratulations to Ilan for his Acknowledgement Award today. We all agree that he is a caring, kind and enthusiastic member of our class. Keira’s snail mosaic was also a very worthy winner of an Art Award this term. Cole also obtained a Jogging Cub award earlier this week – well done Cole!

Footy Day was so much fun this week, and the children all confidently ran and cheered with their team mates, as well as cheering for the other teams too! We like being good sports.

Our last swimming session was this week and as usual the children in Prep E amazed us with how eagerly they listened to their swimming teachers and tried their best. There were some very proud children as they had a go in the deep end and attempted some new skills.

The Reading Hour  was fun, a huge thank you to the grandparents, aunties and parents who came to read to the children. The torches came in very handy and good old fashioned story reading was such a winner (when technology let us down!

And I forgot to introduce the new babies for Term 4! Here are our new Silkworm babies – just hatching from their tiny eggs. Wait till you see them in two weeks time! They will be much, much bigger.

It is with much sadness but a sense of optimism and pride that I say goodbye to the class of 2018. It has been a pleasure and honor to get to know you all this year and I know that Mrs Mears will love your fun personalities! Thank you to all of the children and their amazing parents for our journey, one that I will not forget. I look forward to catching up with you all soon, sharing my travel and “nana” adventures and finding out what you are all doing. Thank you to the parents for your support and assistance this year, with a special thanks to Taron – who has been a sensational class rep!

I am sure that Amanda will be keen to get to know you all so keep contact with what is happening in a busy and fun filled Term 4.

Thank you for my gifts, (and the one still to come – the suspense is killing me!) cards and kind words. I really do appreciate what you have done for me.

xxx Julie Moncrieff

ps I will be sending postcards to the class from overseas so stay tuned for some adventures!



The Reading Hour activities – Thursday 20th September


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On Thursday afternoon we will be participating in The reading Hour from 2.30 till 3.30. We will be making cubbies under our tables, using a torch and reading books, using ipads to listen to stories and having parents read to groups of children. Please feel free to pop in during this time to join the fun! Children can bring a small torch to use on the day.

Year 6 Market Day


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The Year 6 students and teachers did an amazing job today to put together a very professional and fun market day. There were a variety of stalls that enabled all visitors to find something special to buy, including sports, games, craft and yummy food. The Preps looked after their money and were quite selective about how it was spent – although there was a long queue at the icecream stall! Well done to everyone involved and to our children for being so responsible and independent. They will, however, sleep well tonight!

What a busy week or two!


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Wow! We have packed in so much over the past two weeks!

In Maths we have been looking at symmetry and had some fun with shapes and on the computer.

Anatoli was such a funny man and he helped us to make out terrific cars this week. Thank you to our helper parents. The children so so much better than we thought they would be with a hammer and nails!!!!

We painted our cars and did some more activities in class including classifying vehicles according to whether they went on land, sea or in the air – and had a challenge to create a picture in Tux Paint that included all of these! The results were terrific!

Prep E in Digitech


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We have been getting clever in Digitech with Lego!

Parent helpers required for Craft Power next Tuesday


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Next Tuesday at 9.30 we are having our Craft Power incursion and we would like some help from parents. It is a fun and hands on activity where the children make a vehicle from wood with hammers and nails so some extra hands would be of great assistance. Please let Mrs Moncrieff know if you are available for an hour or so from 9.30 till approx. 10.30.

Thank you 🙂

Book or Movie Dress up Day Fun!


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We had such a fun day on Tuesday sharing our costumes and talking about the characters and story lines from our favourite books and movies. Thank you to the parents and families who went out of their way to create the children’s costumes – the children were so proud to walk around and showcase them at the parade! What was your favourite costume?

Parent Information about On-line Safety for Children


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Prep E Motor Show


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It has been terrific to begin our new unit of study about transport and vehicles this week. The Motor Show was a stimulating and engaging way to spark interest amongst the children, and we had a great array of different vehicles to share. Not only that, but we are trying to reach our target of 50 different types of vehicles listed on our transport chart! Pop in and see if you can add one to the list.

Swimming was again a highlight this week, as the children worked hard in the pool to try new skills and reach new targets. Some children were moved to other groups and they showed great resilience in greeting a different teacher.

Thank you to those families who completed the community place projects. The children enjoyed talking about their special places and we have noticed a marked improvement on their ability to address an audience, use their voice effectively and try some terrific vocabulary.  Well done Prep E!


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