Week 4 round up!


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It has been amazing over the last few weeks to see how quickly the children have embraced their new learning and then challenge themselves to move to the next level. Two good examples of this are the typing we have all been learning about in Word and our addition and subtraction tasks.

We have quickly moved from typing single words to typing whole stories on the computer, changing font sizes, colours and using the keys to create capital letters! Wow, how amazing!

We are now using some more complex strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems and sharing our thinking.

Prep E and Prep B have a new home corner! We are camping in our backyard with lots of wild animals!

Did you know that the “th” letter combination can appear at the beginning, middle and end of words, and actually has two different sounds? We do! Our “Things” look great too!

Preps having fun in Digitech


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Week 3 in Prep E!


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We started our week with a visit to the Life Education van and we met that cheeky giraffe Harold! We learnt some great ideas for keeping ourselves safe and healthy, as well as how we should treat our friends.

Our silkworms are getting bigger and bigger and have enormous appetites! If anyone has a mulberry tree we would love a bag of leaves! Thanks to Val for her big bag last week.

We have been using a “counting on” strategy to help us solve addition problems and even been recording these for our partners to solve.

Well done to Beatrix who went back to talk about school for the children at her old Kinder. She spoke very confidently and loved having a play with all the toys in her old sandpit. Here is a photo taken at Padua Kinder, where we also visited.

Let’s review our fun Week Two!


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Congratulations to our award winners this week, who have shown great organisational skills and some terrific Jogging Club results. We also have awarded our first Line Licences for this year! Keep a look out for the special book on display outside the classroom with writing samples inside.


We have had the opportunity to see loads of living things this week. Our minibeast hunt in the school yard yielded many bugs and we have had visits from Erin with her special stick insects and Angus with a blue tongue lizard. There was even an echidna in our sensory garden on Tuesday!

Congratulations to everyone for the amazing nude food lunch boxes we had today! Wouldn’t it be great to try this type of lunch every week!



Kids Matter Parent Survey


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Dear Parents,

Thank you to those who have completed our Kids Matter parent surveys previously. We would like this to be completed again to try to track the needs of our parent group and make plans to better support our community in the future.

Welcome back for Term 4


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Welcome back for Term 4 and all the fun that this term brings! Our inquiry unit is all about “What changes in our backyards” and we are looking forward to minibeast hunting and planting beans! We have some new silkworm friends, so pop in and say hello to these little creatures. We will be able to track their life cycle this term as well.

We travelled to the pool on Thursday for our first swimming lesson and it was amazing! Thank you to the parents who came to watch and to Michelle for being the special parent helper.

Our Reading focus has been on using visualizing as a way to improve comprehension and in Maths we have been looking more closely at clocks and telling the time. The children are working hard to place their writing on new dotted thirds lines to get ready for Year One, and striving to achieve their Line Licences.

Welcome back for Term 4


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Hello to all of the Prep E families and hold on to your hats for a whirlwind Term 4. Here are a couple of reminders:

  1. Swimming begins this Thursday 12th October. There was an important note about swimming, attached to the Term 4 Newsletter that went home today. We will be talking about it in class this week, including our routines, organisation and bus travel, etc. Please remember to bring a separate bag, with a towel, goggles (optional as is a cap), underwear and plastic bag for wet things. We will be leaving school at about 12.45 for a 1.15 lesson. Thank you to those parents who have filled the roster of helpers on the board. Please remember that we are going to try to get changed by ourselves and so only one parent is needed in the change rooms. Parents are welcome to meet us at the pool to watch the lesson.
  2. WE ARE PARTICIPATING IN NUDE FOOD DAY 2017!Nude Food Day, supported by Nude Food Movers and in partnership with Nutrition Australia, creates a globally recognised day in which we can all come together and show our support towards healthy eating and waste reduction.On 20th October we are encouraging all students to bring fresh, healthy, rubbish free lunches to our school in support of Nude Food Day.

    Nude Food Day is a chance for our students to realise what they can do for their health and the health of the planet. An event like this can give all of us at Mount Martha Primary School a taste of the benefits, ease and fun involved in packing a healthy, wrapper free lunch!

    From Harry, Connor, Coco and Kya (Yr 6 Nude Food Leadership Group)

    3. Mulberry Leaves Wanted – We have some new class pets – silkworms! They only eat mulberry leaves so let Mrs Moncrieff know if you have one in your backyard! They get very hungry!

Happy Holidays Prep E Families


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Congratulations to Kaitlyn who won our Acknowledgement Award this term. Everyone in our class has been touched by her kindness and the lovely way that she offers to help and support her classmates. We wished Miss Farag a great teaching future today with a card and gifts from both Prep E and Prep C. We wish Xavier a fabulous birthday and we hope that everyone has a lovely break, enjoying some family time together!

A fair bit of monkey business!


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Well there has been a fair bit of monkey business this week! Along with that there has been some footy fun as well, so here are some photos and a short video to enjoy. A big thank you to Vicki for helping with monkey and bird costumes and to all parents for supporting our School Concert and Footy Day celebrations. The children have had a lot to be excited about this week!


Hello Miss Farag and Concert reminders


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Over the past 3 weeks we have been lucky to have Miss Caroline Farag in our classroom. She is a 4th year Monash student and has been previously at our school in Prep C. We have loved having her and will say goodbye on Friday this week. Miss Farag has supported us in many ways over the past month and we wish her much luck in her future teaching career.









We would just like to give you some last minute reminders about the Prep concert on Wednesday (tomorrow!)

  • On Wednesday the children will bring their costumes home in a named bag to wear back to school in full costume with hair and optional make-up done at 4.40pm ready to perform at 5.00pm. They are to meet in their classrooms. Please be on time.
  • The children need a pair of slip on shoes or slippers to wear over to the gym and can wear a dressing gown/coat to keep warm.
  • The children will NOT be dismissed from the gym, but will be walked back to their rooms to be collected by parents.
  • They will be removing the majority of their costumes so please allow for something to wear home if they are to remove pants and tops.

Looking forward to a super concert.


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