Week 8 Fun


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This week we were hoping to see some silk moths emerge but alas they are keeping us waiting! So while we are waiting we have planted some beans to see which pop their heads up first! We even made a giant beanstalk in the middle of the room! Some children made characters for it, some are making up a puppet play and others created the farm and buildings around the base. Pop in and have a look!

We have been learning about the parts of flowers and how insects are needed to pollinate them. We pulled some flowers apart to have a look.

All year we have been practising mindfulness and doing meditation and it is so wonderful to see each child doing their own personal meditation now, rather than relying on guided sessions. The children actually prefer to choose their own way to relax and I hope that they can continue to do this as they move through their schooling.

Well done to Stelly and Lilla who have been practising their own goals.

Week 7 Round-up!


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With a slightly quieter week behind us we have had a chance to complete some assessment tasks and finish our unit on minibeasts! We are still presenting the last few home projects so could we have no Show and Tell this coming week so that each child has time to show their hard work to the class. Our silkworms are still tucked into their cocoons (well…except for 4 little ones that curious kinder fingers played with on our transition day!) and we are eagerly awaiting our moth babies.

The beginning of the 2020 Prep transition activities also marks the start of our transition to Year One. Over the coming weeks we will spend some time in the Year 1 classrooms and learn a bit more about what the “do”. Several parents have asked about the process we follow to create the classes for 2020, and assimilating the Preps together with the year ones is one part. We give the children an opportunity to request peers they work well with by completing their friendship circles activity and we talk with them confidentially about this. We continue to monitor how the children are cooperating with each other and how they support each other during learning time, not just play times.

We had a lovely  visit from Mia and Baby Ruby. Zavier introduced us to his new sister and we had fun matching her cute smile!

Our new unit of inquiry is about plants and we began this week pulling apart Mrs Moncrieff’s Broad Beans! Some would say that is all they are good for, but they actually taste quite delicious raw, straight from the pod when they are young and tender. There was some lovely language being used:

“They are tucked up in fluffy stuff like a doona”.

“Looks like they are connected to the pod with a cord'”

“They look like little babies, all green and gooey”.

“Look at their skin and they are dark green inside”.

Our focus was on questioning and we have made a list of question stems, like where, who, what, why and how? We made Questioning Owls as well, a friend who will help us to pose questions while we read.


One of our most popular Morning Reading activities is “Read and write a Personal Connection”. We have been doing this for some time now and the children are getting very good at it!

Enjoy your weekend!



What an Explosive Week!


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Well this week did actually begin with a bang!  Our very first school Colour Explosion was tremendous fun and the sponsorship support from families has been outstanding. Big thanks to Mr Sweatman for all his organising work and to our parents who came along to watch and those who had WAY TOO MUCH FUN covering us all in colour!

We had a surprise visit from Leah and Baby Nayvie who joined in with us at snack time!

In Maths we continued our length unit and began to use informal units to measure. We compared our monsters and then checked our comparisons by using unifix blocks and counted them to quantify our measurements. We tried to measure some things around the room and some tricky snakes! Thomas even measured himself! He is 65 unifx blocks tall.

We had some special helpers at the 2020 Prep Family Picnic on Thursday! How lucky are we to have such tremendous role models for our new Preps! Thanks boys and also to Fiona who was working hard in the kitchen!

The Silkworms are Spinning


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After a bad start to the week with Mrs Moncrieff leaving the box of silkworms in her carport and the children making some dire predictions about their fate (think birds, cat, dogs etc) we luckily had them back as big and fat as ever on Wednesday. And … last night our first intrepid little trail blazer began to build his (or her) cocoon! Now we have made little houses for them from egg cartons and hope that on Monday we will have more pale yellow cocoons under construction. Next week the children will be bringing home a little book about silkworms to share with their families. Please return it the next day so another child can have a turn. We have completed our life cycle plates and displayed them in the classroom.

We have now finished our unit about time, with a focus on the months of the year and telling the time on an analogue and digital clock. The children have been working on their own personal goals in this area, moving from o’clock times to half past. We have also been discussing the times and days and the events that occur in the children’s daily lives. Our day/night pictures look great on display!

Our phonics focus this week has been on the “ch” digraph – and we investigated this sound in our books. We found lots of works and even a couple that don’t fit, like Chloe and machine! Thomas even remembered that “th” didn’t make the same sound in his name either! From that we have decided that names just can sound like anything!!

Don’t forget to bring a white t-shirt on Monday for our Colour Explosion and to log on the the website to register your donations! At last count we were running third in our school tally. Go Prep C!!!



We’ve been feeling Japanese


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Japanese Day was the highlight of week 4! Prep C were all decked out in their shiro or aka colours along with some other Japanese favourites. The outdoor games enabled the children to learn about team sportsmanship by being a good winner and loser and praising everyone’s effort. The sushi was delicious and our Tanuki masks helped us to remember a traditional Japanese story. Thanks to our parent group again!

Well done to Koa-Jean who displayed great confidence in agreeing to hold the Japanese Day Cup in front of the whole school and Stelly and Tessa for bringing their Tanuki masks to assembly. Thanks also to Mr Nickeas.

We are extending our knowledge of time by using analogue clocks to half past and matching analogue and digital times. We heard a fantastic story called “Bitsy” about a bat and her adventures with nocturnal and day time animals. We have also been practising reciting the months of the year in the correct order and videoing each other with the ipads.

Almost all of the home projects have been handed in and we will share these next week. We will be discussing making oral presentations and how to use our voices, volume and eye contact to engage our audience. Watch out for our class book on display!

Mrs Moncrieff is at a professional development day on Monday, about developing handwriting and fine motor skills so have a lovely day and see you all on Wednesday.

Week 3 – grab a coffee – it’s a long one!


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We have had another terrific week, beginning with our award winners announced at Prep assembly. We are focusing on Persistence this term, being introduced to Pete Persistence who helps us all to stay strong, try new things and keep on going when things get a bit tough. Well done to our Jogging Club Award winners and to Chloe for her Term 3 Acknowledgement Award.

The “sh” digraph has been on our radar this week and some very weird sheep have appeared outside the classroom! Harry Potter sheep, Car Sheep and Rainbow Unicorn Sheep to name just a few…

We have our own time machine (really just a box with time words in it) and have had some wonderful discussions about quite complex ideas – you should have heard Mrs Moncrieff’s attempt at describing the difference between a solstice and an equinox! We have been looking more closely at analogue clocks and made our own to learn about the numbers and hands.

Our inquiry unit has been ticking along, with each child choosing a minibeast and taking home an A3 home project sheet for this term. We are all making a page for what will become our class book about minibeasts. We have been looking closely at the ways information books show us new ideas and are making a poster about this. The children are encouraged to try to include some of these ideas on their project. It is due back by next Friday, 1st November.

Our visit to the Life Education Van was informative and fun. The Harold’s Friendship lesson reiterated much of our social and emotional learning – with a particular focus on being kind, recognizing emotions and being safe. Harold was very cheeky!

A HUGE thank you to all of our families who supported Pink Day today with your coin donations and purchase of a sausage after school! It is such a wonderful cause and it has been terrific to also support the local community’s efforts as well. The children all looked great in pink!

Well done to Chloe and Connor who confidently modeled the school uniform to a room full of 2020 Prep parents! You were amazing!

Finally a very special thank you for being such a supportive and generous parent group. To receive my special card and gifts this morning for World Teachers’ Day was humbling and emotional. To quote the well known line – “it takes a village to raise a child”, I think we all need to pause at times and marvel at the little people to whom we are responsible and be thankful for our place in their lives. Thanks again, enjoy your weekend! (PS Two blocks of chocolate down now!)

Oops Mrs Moncrieff forgot something important.


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I have been very remiss in not organizing a girl and a boy who can attend the Prep Information Evening next Wednesday for our 2020 Preps. They will be modelling the school uniform (provided to wear on the night) and will need to be at school at 6.40. The event will take approximately 30 minutes. Please pop a message to our class rep Carly if you can assist.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

Week Two Fun


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Our Backyard unit has continued to be a big hit this week with children waiting patiently to be able to play in the “camping” area. Doing morning reading in a tent has been a highlight! We have further developed our knowledge of all things “minibeast” this week, looking closely at non-fiction books and how they give us information. We are almost ready to send home our Term 4 home task – which asks the children to research a chosen minibeast and produce a page for our class book. We met “Digger Dog” who is a friend making it fun to “dig” for information in the books the children read. Have a look at our Book Look display outside the classroom.

Our silkworms have been eating tons of mulberry leaves and growing substantially. The children have been learning about their life cycle this week. We even learnt the trick of adding a pencil into a photo to give a size comparison.

Congratulations to Stelly for some fab spelling and for Tori who has been first to bring an information book to school to share with us. For Show and Tell over the next 2 weeks we ask that children try to find an information book at home that they can bring to talk about. Alternatively, they could bring something from nature, or from their backyards.

There has also been a buzz of activity about the childrens’ quest for their Line Licence. Each week everyone works at their own pace to improve their handwriting on dotted thirds paper in readiness for Year 1. Congratulations to Jessica who has been awarded her licence this week. Here is our success criteria!




Colour Explosion time – please register


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We are very excited about this event coming up soon! It appears that we do not as yet have any families registered so go to the code on the booklet the children brought home to begin your sponsorship process for our Colour Explosion Day! There are some great prizes to be won and the money raised for our school will go directly to improving our playground.

Welcome to Term 4


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All of the children have been eager to drive right in to our Term 4 activities and they all look rested and ready for action!! We have met our new class pets – hundreds of silkworms!  As we learn about their life cycle and watch it all take place, we will be discussing what other creatures and plants live in our backyards? Our science unit this term is a fun one!

The children will be working on their own personal goals in reading and writing, with a focus on ensuring that there is a smooth transition to Year 1. Our new “Writing bug” books have been a hit ans the children are encouraged to write freely and on topics of their own choice. In Maths, we have been looking at sharing and grouping, with some terrific discussion emerging from our bees and hives activities.

We had a special visit from two creatures this week too! Our resident blue tongue lizard came out to sun himself and Lachie introduced us to his beautiful puppy named Walla!

Thank you also for the wonderful “Nude Food” that came to school on Thursday. The lunchboxes looked so healthy and sustainable!




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