Where have the weeks gone?


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A couple of weeks have gone by without a post ….. oops sorry! We have been so busy!

Some recent fab events have been the wonderful swimming program and the Book Week Parade! We had a blast talking about our characters, participating in the parade and meeting up with our buddies for lunch and a story. Here is a video of the day!


We have been focusing on transport this week, exploring land, sea and air vehicles. We did our own Motor Show on Friday, took notes and created a report about our walk around.

And….. then there was the Year Six Market as well! Well done to the Year Six teachers and students for planning, setting up and running such an amazing event! It was evident that a lot of work went into this and the Preps simply loved it! They enjoyed the freedom of spending their own money, counting it and deciding what was the best value! It was the donuts I think!

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Brilliant photos and collage thanks so much Julie! Book week dress up day put such a big smile on my face. Still feeling very grateful for my gorgeous pink sparkly earrings that Connor chose as his prize for his year 6 market activity! 😉

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