The Silkworms are Spinning


Posted by mrsmoncrieff | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on November 8, 2019

After a bad start to the week with Mrs Moncrieff leaving the box of silkworms in her carport and the children making some dire predictions about their fate (think birds, cat, dogs etc) we luckily had them back as big and fat as ever on Wednesday. And … last night our first intrepid little trail blazer began to build his (or her) cocoon! Now we have made little houses for them from egg cartons and hope that on Monday we will have more pale yellow cocoons under construction. Next week the children will be bringing home a little book about silkworms to share with their families. Please return it the next day so another child can have a turn. We have completed our life cycle plates and displayed them in the classroom.

We have now finished our unit about time, with a focus on the months of the year and telling the time on an analogue and digital clock. The children have been working on their own personal goals in this area, moving from o’clock times to half past. We have also been discussing the times and days and the events that occur in the children’s daily lives. Our day/night pictures look great on display!

Our phonics focus this week has been on the “ch” digraph – and we investigated this sound in our books. We found lots of works and even a couple that don’t fit, like Chloe and machine! Thomas even remembered that “th” didn’t make the same sound in his name either! From that we have decided that names just can sound like anything!!

Don’t forget to bring a white t-shirt on Monday for our Colour Explosion and to log on the the website to register your donations! At last count we were running third in our school tally. Go Prep C!!!



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