Week 7 Round-up!


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With a slightly quieter week behind us we have had a chance to complete some assessment tasks and finish our unit on minibeasts! We are still presenting the last few home projects so could we have no Show and Tell this coming week so that each child has time to show their hard work to the class. Our silkworms are still tucked into their cocoons (well…except for 4 little ones that curious kinder fingers played with on our transition day!) and we are eagerly awaiting our moth babies.

The beginning of the 2020 Prep transition activities also marks the start of our transition to Year One. Over the coming weeks we will spend some time in the Year 1 classrooms and learn a bit more about what the “do”. Several parents have asked about the process we follow to create the classes for 2020, and assimilating the Preps together with the year ones is one part. We give the children an opportunity to request peers they work well with by completing their friendship circles activity and we talk with them confidentially about this. We continue to monitor how the children are cooperating with each other and how they support each other during learning time, not just play times.

We had a lovely  visit from Mia and Baby Ruby. Zavier introduced us to his new sister and we had fun matching her cute smile!

Our new unit of inquiry is about plants and we began this week pulling apart Mrs Moncrieff’s Broad Beans! Some would say that is all they are good for, but they actually taste quite delicious raw, straight from the pod when they are young and tender. There was some lovely language being used:

“They are tucked up in fluffy stuff like a doona”.

“Looks like they are connected to the pod with a cord'”

“They look like little babies, all green and gooey”.

“Look at their skin and they are dark green inside”.

Our focus was on questioning and we have made a list of question stems, like where, who, what, why and how? We made Questioning Owls as well, a friend who will help us to pose questions while we read.


One of our most popular Morning Reading activities is “Read and write a Personal Connection”. We have been doing this for some time now and the children are getting very good at it!

Enjoy your weekend!



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Well done Prep C. Love the silk worms. I have learnt so much about them 😍

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