Oops Mrs Moncrieff forgot something important.


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I have been very remiss in not organizing a girl and a boy who can attend the Prep Information Evening next Wednesday for our 2020 Preps. They will be modelling the school uniform (provided to wear on the night) and will need to be at school at 6.40. The event will take approximately 30 minutes. Please pop a message to our class rep Carly if you can assist.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

Week Two Fun


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Our Backyard unit has continued to be a big hit this week with children waiting patiently to be able to play in the “camping” area. Doing morning reading in a tent has been a highlight! We have further developed our knowledge of all things “minibeast” this week, looking closely at non-fiction books and how they give us information. We are almost ready to send home our Term 4 home task – which asks the children to research a chosen minibeast and produce a page for our class book. We met “Digger Dog” who is a friend making it fun to “dig” for information in the books the children read. Have a look at our Book Look display outside the classroom.

Our silkworms have been eating tons of mulberry leaves and growing substantially. The children have been learning about their life cycle this week. We even learnt the trick of adding a pencil into a photo to give a size comparison.

Congratulations to Stelly for some fab spelling and for Tori who has been first to bring an information book to school to share with us. For Show and Tell over the next 2 weeks we ask that children try to find an information book at home that they can bring to talk about. Alternatively, they could bring something from nature, or from their backyards.

There has also been a buzz of activity about the childrens’ quest for their Line Licence. Each week everyone works at their own pace to improve their handwriting on dotted thirds paper in readiness for Year 1. Congratulations to Jessica who has been awarded her licence this week. Here is our success criteria!




Colour Explosion time – please register


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We are very excited about this event coming up soon! It appears that we do not as yet have any families registered so go to the code on the booklet the children brought home to begin your sponsorship process for our Colour Explosion Day! There are some great prizes to be won and the money raised for our school will go directly to improving our playground.

Welcome to Term 4


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All of the children have been eager to drive right in to our Term 4 activities and they all look rested and ready for action!! We have met our new class pets – hundreds of silkworms!  As we learn about their life cycle and watch it all take place, we will be discussing what other creatures and plants live in our backyards? Our science unit this term is a fun one!

The children will be working on their own personal goals in reading and writing, with a focus on ensuring that there is a smooth transition to Year 1. Our new “Writing bug” books have been a hit ans the children are encouraged to write freely and on topics of their own choice. In Maths, we have been looking at sharing and grouping, with some terrific discussion emerging from our bees and hives activities.

We had a special visit from two creatures this week too! Our resident blue tongue lizard came out to sun himself and Lachie introduced us to his beautiful puppy named Walla!

Thank you also for the wonderful “Nude Food” that came to school on Thursday. The lunchboxes looked so healthy and sustainable!




Where have the weeks gone?


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A couple of weeks have gone by without a post ….. oops sorry! We have been so busy!

Some recent fab events have been the wonderful swimming program and the Book Week Parade! We had a blast talking about our characters, participating in the parade and meeting up with our buddies for lunch and a story. Here is a video of the day!


We have been focusing on transport this week, exploring land, sea and air vehicles. We did our own Motor Show on Friday, took notes and created a report about our walk around.

And….. then there was the Year Six Market as well! Well done to the Year Six teachers and students for planning, setting up and running such an amazing event! It was evident that a lot of work went into this and the Preps simply loved it! They enjoyed the freedom of spending their own money, counting it and deciding what was the best value! It was the donuts I think!

Important Concert Information


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The Junior School Concert is this Thursday and we are in full practise mode! There are some requirements from individual children for costumes that should be brought to school in a named bag tomorrow. These are:

Zara – a long princess style dress

Victoria, Jessica and India – pink or red leggings and a thin long sleeve top to wear under their costume

Xavier, Jax and Samuel – black long sleeve top/skivvy and pants to wear under costume

Also here is the latest information from Mrs Rault



Dear Parents,

Our wonderful students in the junior school have been busy rehearsing for their concert next week. Please read the information below regarding costumes and arrangements for the night.


A friendly reminder that all costume pieces to be supplied from home are required by Monday 16th September. Please refer to the costume notice sent out via Compass on 28th August for details. Students will require a dressing gown or coat/jacket to wear over their costume, whilst not on stage.


Students will take their costumes home after school on the day of the concert and are to arrive back at school in full costume. Students should at their classroom 20 minutes prior to the beginning of their concert.

Concert times:

Prep/Year 1 Concert – 6.00-6.45pm

Year 2 Concert – 7.00-7.45pm

Please note that all costumes belonging to the school will be collected by your child’s class teacher on the night of the concert. Therefore your child will need a change of clothes to wear home.


Your child’s class teacher will notify you about what is required.



A week of skip counting, personal writing and construction!


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The days seem to whizz by and we are at another Friday! Looking back at the photos from the week is so much fun and it would be great to fit them all in but there is not enough space! We congratulated our Resilience  and Jogging Club Award winners on Tuesday at Assembly.

We are no longer doing our Read, Write and Draw for Morning Reading, but now we write a personal connection to our books! Here are our first attempts!

Swimming was again a real hit, although we very much missed those children who were absent and hope that they are feeling better soon. Craftpower was wonderful, with thanks to our Parent Helpers again. Anatoli was such a funny man and the children learnt to hammer nails, sand and make their own car.

Somehow we also managed to fit in some skip counting. We created our own number snakes and practised skip counting by twos outside on a sunny day!



Words, Wacky Science and Making Waves this Week!


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Our Prep C children have had some amazing opportunities this week to experience some different types of school activities. We have completing the first part of our Community unit of work and had some fun linking this to Science Night, with a Prep A Police Station, Prep B Hospital and Prep C Construction site! A big thank you to Parkdale Secondary College for donating all the wood off-cuts and nails, and to our local Kinders who lent us their hammers! There was a pretty dodgy looking foreman on site on the night though!!!!

The children wrote some terrific personal connections about the book Dear Zoo. They worked hard to write more than just one idea and to now rest their letters on a line.

And then there was swimming on Thursday! The children were just amazing, on the bus, in the pool and in the change rooms! We had talked a lot about our resilience and organisation and I was very proud of them! Thank you to our helper parents and those who came to watch as well!

It’s already Week 3!


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This week we have had our community walk as the major focus. The letters that we have written to a family member have been posted and we have had alot of fun writing other letters to friends at school. Please feel free to add a letter to anyone in our post box outside the classroom. We will try to remember to have our postie deliver them each day!

Here is a video about our Community Walk. A huge thank you to our families for ensuring that the children were organised and for our parent helpers who came with us! We couldn’t do this without you. Watch out for a roster for our up-coming swimming program to be added to the noticeboard soon.

Howdy it’s a week 2 roundup!


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We have continued this week with our Community focus and had fun with some visitors! A big thank you to our parents who have offered to show us two very important emergency services this week! I think we scared half of Mount Martha with the siren and lights display from the police cars, and there has been alot of crawling down low and go, go, going!

We have been writing letters this week and look forward to posting some to each other over the coming weeks. In Maths our focus on subtraction and counting back meant we got to play some fun games including Subtraction Smash!

Congratulations to our Resilience and Jogging Club award winners!

We also had a special visit for Olivia’s Show and Tell, her puppy Rosie.


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